stiff neck?


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Cos’è Necky?

Necky is a practical, effective and always ready to use warming collar.

Its ease of use allows easy application of heat to the base of the neck, relaxing the muscles and dissolving those muscular tensions that cause a stiff neck.

Heat is the oldest natural remedy against the most common forms of muscle and joint pain, but even in the absence of pathologies, the application of heat to the base of the neck is very pleasant and relaxing.

Unlike adhesive heating patches, I can apply, move, remove and reposition Necky without any problems since the heat is generated by the heating bag contained within it.

Necky can be used anywhere and at any time of the day since it does not require power outlets: outdoors on a cold and humid winter day, fishing, or at the stadium, in the office or at home, watching TV or reading a book ...

The Necky heating pad lasts for over 10 hours, is activated by simple contact with air and can be used partially thanks to the reuse sachet supplied with the product. The sales package of the NECKY collar includes 2 heating pads. Then you can buy the heating pads only: 12 heating pads at 12 Euros.