Stiff Neck

The stiff neck is a muscle sharp pain , sudden and intense that frequently affects people of all ages. Often appears suddenly, in a posture for an air strike or a sudden movement. Muscle pain can be added to the joint pain of the neck vertreba whose origin and cause is more complex.

Heat Benefits

Heat therapy is ideal for relaxing muscular tension and for providing natural relief from aches and pains. The warmth provides increased muscular relaxation so eliminating toxins which irritate nerve endings and intensify the messages of pain sent to the brain. APPLYING HEAT IS THE OLDEST NATURAL REMEDY AGAINST THE MOST COMMON FORMS OF MUSCULAR AND JOINT PAIN. It is based on ancient know-how that teaches that heat reactivates and improves our healing capacities. The success of the treatment depends on the duration of application and having the heat applied at a constant level.

Bring Warmness with you!