Instructions for use

Warm and confortable, this collar is very simple to use.

The pad is single use, but you can stop the heating process by putting the pad back into the plastic pouch and squeezing out as much air as possible before closing it.

Partial use of the heating bag is also possible (its total duration is over 10 hours): just place it in the plastic bag (which you will find in the package) and close it hermetically after letting the air out. To reactivate the sachet for the remaining hours of heat, simply remove it from the bag and reposition it in the collar pocket.

Warming Pads

Necky uses warming pads from the American company GRABBER.

They are activated upon contact with the air.

Each warming pad lasts more than 10 hours.

Partial use of the heating pads is possible by inserting them in the special airtight bag supplied with the product.

The sales package of the pad only, consists of 12 heating pads for a total of over 120 hours of heat always at hand. The cost is 12 Euros.

10 hours of heat for the price of a coffee